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Atlanta Tours & Travels , Your  French travel agency in India  offers  tours organized in South India.

A region where spices are queen, The lush landscapes that compose it, made of green land and sublime beaches.
This vast and liveable part of India is full of exceptional sites that allow for an incredibly diverse range of activities: hiking in the tea plantations and the  Ghats , relaxing on the beaches of  Goa  and  Kerala , cultural tours in the Portuguese and Dutch churches of  Panjim  and  Kochi , travel back in time among the impressive remains of  Badami  and  Hampi  or in the temples-cities of  Trichy  and  Madurai, honeymoon in the Allepey backwaters  or on the beaches of Kovalam or Mahabalipuram.

Of course, smell tea, cinnamon, tobacco, ginger, vanilla, pepper, etc. The culture is quite different from the North and it is another vision of India that opens to you. Diversified, endearing, relaxing and charming, this region has something for everyone.

Among our offers  tailor-made tours in South India , you can choose a tour a la carte for your trip as a couple or trip in a group of friends by private car with a driver, on dates of your choice ….

Plan your  trip to tailor-made South India  in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Goa and the Andaman Islands with Amicale India and have an unforgettable experience.

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